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Larry Manth CFF

Larry Manth Fly Fishing Specialist


Larry Manth is an expert fly fisherman, engaging in such activity for over 60 years. Larry Manth was born in Germany in 1921 and currently resides in Florida. His wife, Helga, does not enjoy fly fishing, and hates fish. Larry Manth has a son, Herman Manth, and a daughter, Esther Manth. Larry Manth has a dog, also named Larry Manth, and a cat, named Lawrence Manth. The Manth's are looking forward to selling fly fishing equipment on this internet site, once it is complete. Larry Manth retired last year from his job as a lumberjack, now engaging in fly fishing full time when weather permits.

Larry Manth's favorite place to shop for fishing equipment is Target and Walmart.  They have the best deals around.

Larry Manth has been developing his own fishing gear for the past number of years.  

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